Why Choose Me?

As a potential client, this is likely to be the question you will be asking yourself as you have worked through my website.

A face-to-face meeting is usually the best way to determine if you can and want to work with a consultant but to aid your selection the following are the values by which I work:

  • Whilst I will always have a number of clients I am working with, you will always think and believe you are my only client by the way I treat and respond to you.
  • Results are key to my success to date and we will continually measure what results you as my client are getting.
  • I work with people and businesses in which I have an interest so my own motivation is always high.
  • Being a director of another company (Majik House) means I am living the issues daily that are key to running a successful business and facing the issues you face.
  • My role is to ask the right questions that stimulate discussion and re-evaluation of your business and people.
  • Having fun and enjoyment whilst we deliver results is a prerequisite to my work. Just as it should be in any business, as it increases memory retention, persuasion and decision-making.

Maintaining the focus to achieve our goals

I approached Carol to work with me at a very busy time when I needed to make a number of strategic decisions within the business. Carol helped me find clarity through her flexible approach that she tailored to my own needs. This resulted in me being held to account and challenged on decisions, this was invaluable for me and allowed me to focus on what was important for both the business and myself. I found the action plan Carol produced at the end of the meeting helped me maintain the focus I needed to achieve the goals being set.

Brian Gregory

Safety Management UK

We’ve benefitted hugely from Carol’s knowledge and insight

Myself and my management team, as well as groups of our Lead and Senior staff, have all benefited hugely from the tools, knowledge and insight that Carol has been able to coach us in.

From structured group training to individual coaching, Carol has been able to help boost the confidence, ability and most importantly the attitude of key staff within our company.

I would not hesitate to recommend Carol to any business looking to develop their staff, equip them with great tools and help create a positive and progressive culture.

Tony Prosser
Managing Director, Realtime UK

Delivering an immediate and tangible change

Carol has delivered individual and bespoke training and development programmes for a range of decision makers in our business.

She establishes rapport easily and identifies key issues quickly. In every case where Carol has been deployed, there has been immediate tangible and positive change both for the business and the employee concerned.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Carol Burrow Consultancy.

Duncan Peake
Chief Executive, Holker Group