Maintaining the focus to achieve our goals

I approached Carol to work with me at a very busy time when I needed to make a number of strategic decisions within the business. Carol helped me find clarity through her flexible approach that she tailored to my own needs. This resulted in me being held to account and challenged on decisions, this was invaluable for me and allowed me to focus on what was important for both the business and myself. I found the action plan Carol produced at the end of the meeting helped me maintain the focus I needed to achieve the goals being set.

Brian Gregory

Safety Management UK

We've benefitted hugely from Carol's knowledge and insight

Myself and my management team, as well as groups of our Lead and Senior staff, have all benefited hugely from the tools, knowledge and insight that Carol has been able to coach us in.

From structured group training to individual coaching, Carol has been able to help boost the confidence, ability and most importantly the attitude of key staff within our company.

I would not hesitate to recommend Carol to any business looking to develop their staff, equip them with great tools and help create a positive and progressive culture.

Tony Prosser
Managing Director, Realtime UK

Delivering an immediate and tangible change

Carol has delivered individual and bespoke training and development programmes for a range of decision makers in our business.

She establishes rapport easily and identifies key issues quickly. In every case where Carol has been deployed, there has been immediate tangible and positive change both for the business and the employee concerned.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Carol Burrow Consultancy.

Duncan Peake
Chief Executive, Holker Group

Setting actions to develop a clear path toward our goals

Carol has a real rare talent. Her unique blend of personal development and entrepreneurial business expertise has been instrumental in helping us to realise that our continued path of growth means that structure is crucial.

Where we would once all react to the same issue, we now realise that structure, role definition and devoting time to specific tasks are key to success.

Carol is clear, concise, objective and challenging of the team and of the business.

Lance Jobson
Optical Services Director, Optech Fibres

Developing a cohesive and high performing team

Carol’s knowledge and skills enabled the team to identify the key areas required to be a high performing team, as individuals, as a Board of Directors, and to lead the whole Company forward with a cohesive and inclusive strategy.

The result is a team of directors who know each other better, who recognise their own strengths and weaknesses individually and, as a team, who know what high performance looks like, how to achieve and sustain it.

John Smith
Director, Trumeter

Carol’s coaching helped me to critically analyze my business

I approached Carol Burrow because I wanted to change the culture in my company - to make it more dynamic with improved management and leadership, ultimately to achieve growth in turnover and profitability.

Carol’s coaching helped me to critically analyze my business and my own approach, with continual feedback and prompts to enable me to identify alternative strategies. The result was a change in my own style of leadership and numerous ideas for improving the structure and operation of my company.

One thing I particularly liked was that Carol was never judgmental and yet through her reflection and questioning she made me revisit my own judgments.

I found the coaching experience challenging, exhilarating and ultimately extremely worthwhile. I would recommend Carol to anyone who is serious about improving themselves and their companies.

Phil Wilkinson
CEO, Ascentis

Our team now has such a clear vision

Wax Lyrical is 35 years old, with a relatively new senior management team, with ambitions to grow.

Carol Burrow was our Growth Accelerator Coach, she really helped us define, plan and structure our business plan, focusing our energies on the key projects required to enable future growth. The journey with Carol expedited our evolution as a team, we were challenged along the way but are much stronger, more effective and closer as a team as a result. Carol’s unique ability to facilitate productive and enjoyable sessions truly aided the quality of our work and strengthened our ultimate commitment to our goals.

We certainly wouldn’t be as far forward as a team or have such a clear vision of what we need to do to deliver growth without Carol.

Joanne Barber
Managing Director, Wax Lyrical

Our people feel valued, more confident and skilled to manage

“Devising a leadership and management course through Winning Pitch and particularly Carol Burrow has made us look more closely at the amazing team of people we have in our business and ascertain how effective their potential management and leadership skills could develop our business further by developing and investing in them.

They have all benefited greatly from the experience over the last six months, feel valued, are more confident and skilled to manage and lead their teams more effectively leaving us to be more strategic and future focused on the “bigger picture”.

Carol is highly skilled, fun and engages people at every level to really take part, she gets the best from everyone whilst they are learning key leadership skills.”

Michelle Mellor
MD, Cummins Mellor Recruitment