Carol Burrow was our Growth Accelerator Coach and she really helped us define, plan and structure our business plan, focusing our energies on the key projects required to enable future growth.

The journey with Carol expedited our evolution as a team, we were challenged along the way but are much stronger, more effective and closer as a team as a result.

Carol’s unique ability to facilitate productive and enjoyable sessions truly aided the quality of our work and strengthened our ultimate commitment to our goals.

We certainly wouldn’t be as far forward as a team or have such a clear vision of what we need to do to deliver growth without Carol.

Joanne Barber
Managing Director, Wax Lyrical


Growth for Ambitious Businesses

You may already have built a successful business and now you are ready for the next growth phase. Is the rest of your business?

You may have hit more challenging times and need a business coach to develop a strategy to move you out of this phase. A business coach can provide focus, insight and a highly questioning strategy to shift or unstick your business.

Questions to ask of yourself and your team:

  • Have your business processes kept pace with growth?
  • Are managers equipped to step up?
  • Have tactics taken over from strategy?
  • Do everyday responsibilities get in the way of your idea generation?
  • Are you too close to your business that you have stopped seeing the barriers that have developed?

I work with organisations’ to get to the heart of their barriers that are holding their businesses back and help identify critical steps that need to take place to achieve their next phase of growth-with pace and sustainability.

Working with you to develop a growth plan, which is completely bespoke to the needs of your business. It will involve a commitment of your time but with support tailored to your business priorities and the way you work.

How does coaching benefit the bottom line?

  • Businesses who seek external advice and information are 14% more ambitious and 50% more successful than those who don’t (BIS 2010)
  • Coaching is proven – 92% said it has a positive impact on the bottom line (CIPD)
  • 80% of businesses that sought external advice expect to grow in the next 2-3 years compared with 67% of businesses that didn’t (BIS 2010)

What will you and your business get from working with a business coach?

  • Appreciate your true potential for growth and set achievable goals
  • Identify and overcome the barriers holding you back
  • Motivate and focus your team to achieve the goals set
  • Energise your plans with 1-1 leadership and management advise

Tools Used for the Coaching

I use two documents to support and develop the business growth:

  • A three-year business plan document
  • A one-page plan to track activities that have to be achieved to shift the business plan along its agreed track

What do you have to invest?

Your time and monetary investment will reflect the size of your business and the complexity of your business needs.

Typically I work on a 6-12 month programme with businesses. Meeting fortnightly or monthly for a period of up to 3 hours.

What is the difference between growth for ambitious businesses and senior management team development?

Growth for ambitious businesses focuses primarily on the business plan on how to move the business to the next level.

Senior Management Team Development works to engage the senior team/directors to work cohesively and seamlessly to achieve the business objectives. It focuses on individual and team behaviours.